Our Beers

Fife Pilgrim  3.7%

A light, hoppy session beer.


Beggars Mantle 

A generic name for our range of dark, malty traditional ales with variable ABVs from 4-6.8%.


Langspoon  6.4%

A full-bodied, complex, new-world craft ale.

Auld Alliance  4.5%

A unique, speciality dark mild beer, with fruity undertones from red wine grape juice added during the brewing process. 

Fringe Of Gold 4.7%

A hoppy, golden ale.


Guild Ale  6.2%

A robust full-bodied golden IPA.


Imperial Ale 9.0%

A heavily hopped mature ale, based on an original 1849 recipe. 

Guzz Ale  4.9% ABV

A traditional Scottish Ale with peppery undertones.

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